Marriage is love.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Intro, officially


ID: 'Bean

Name: Mobeen (first) Shirazi (last)

Gender: male

Dating: same

Politics: very stinking Liberal - but very PRAGMATICALLY stinking liberal.

Interests: biology, politics. That pretty much covers me life right now - it's sadly two-dimensional: am a 30-something student, so gimme a break!

Religion: Jewish (and traditional and observant, too).


Raised in a very UMC suburb of Dayton, Ohio by profoundly materialistic, status-conscious, snobbish Persian Muslim Immigrants with decent resources and "good educations." The cognitive dissonance of my entire existence lead to (1) a horrible romance with Boodles gin, (2) a horrible romance with Republican/Libertarian Conservatism, (3) horrible romances with fucked-up men who would tolerate the above in the guy they were dating.

After spending some time getting my head, life, and other shit together, I realized that, in being true to myself, I could not be Conservative, Republican, Muslim, or even Capitalist. The process of getting very liberal and Jewish is, in itself, a book: nobody likes a post-hog so let's just leave things at face-value, shall we?

What the hell I look like (before I went back to school, and was hence a bit thinner); note the fab wristwatch, too, from the very $$$$ days: