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Friday, September 02, 2005


DAMN it!

DAMN it to Hell!

I was about to leave for a great Shabbes and a few days of rest before Med-Surg starts on Tuesday . . . and THIS garbage comes to my attention.

Halliburton has the hurricane Contract.


These people have absolutely no decency or shame. None: We, the People, are just little pawns in their money-and-power games. We are not citizens. And I am starting to believe we are no longer a Democracy - but a Plutocratic Theocracy.

I am so angry right now . . . so amazingly angry. Their constant, half-assed efforts on everything have finally blown back into their faces at the cost of many, many American lives. But THIS in response?

THIS contract to Halliburton is just too much.

Screw you, President Bush. Screw You, Dick Cheney. Screw you KuntaSleezy Lies. Screw you Rummy, Rove, etc. Screw you all.

Never, ever, in my life have I seen such a bunch of selfish, self-absorbed, pompous, self-righteous people. And I grew up in a well-to-do Republican Suburb in Ohio: to give you a much better idea of what I mean, I just discovered my old Principal's home is up for sale.

Here's the home in which that Principal lived:

Amazing house, no?

Worth a clue what my school was like, huh? "Selfish" and "self-serving" I well understand - but NOT like these BushCo people do.

I am, truly, disgusted.

Or, from another perspective, as Ms. J says: Worst. President. Ever.

G-d, I beg you: shame and humiliate the living crap out of these people until they dare not show their faces anywhere, ever, for fear of the hatred and ridicule even the smallest will heap on their heads. And I even mean the public restroom, G-d, in the amazingly crappy, dust-laden, rancid airport in Madras, India.

Seriously, G-d: I'm not kidding.