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Friday, September 23, 2005

Martha Stewart/Apprentice Ponderings

Well, I was looking forward to seeing Martha Stewart's debut of her own Apprentice, and was majorly pis*ed when I missed it - I found the re-run on CNBC about 20 minutes after it had started last night, and liked it. Exact same theme as The Donald's venture - except for a couple of notable differences: they stay in lofts instead of penthouse tower suites, the end line is "you just don't FIT IN" as opposed to "You're fired"... fine and dandy.

One thing did really catch me though, and I have been thinking about it all day. Everyone - everyone - in the original Trump Apprentice called Mr. Trump, well, "Mr. Trump." ("Mr. Trump will see you now..."). The contestants, the staff, even the high level exec guests called him "Mr."

On the Stewart show - she is "Martha." - even the token receptionist says "Martha will see you now..." as opposed to "Ms. Stewart."

Why? Is it because she is just so much "nicer" than the Donald?? Hmmm....dont' think so.

Or is it an overall societal impression of a female exec not being treated with the same "respect" as a male exec??

Enquiring minds want to know....what's your take?