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Monday, September 19, 2005

Ms. Julien is Stayin' Put

South Beach is on the "dirty side" of advancing I am staying in Baltimore with the little dog. We have had a little bit of bad luck with the apartment - no air/water due to a leak, so we have been staying at our favorite Baltimore hotel - the Peabody Court on Mt. Vernon Square (right in the neighborhood we want to buy if we end up here next year, so that is cool).

Wonderdog Verdell is flex as always, plane, apartment, hotel, he is cool as long as he has his person and his favorite friend, Douglas (I mean damn, he really digs this stuffed dog, so we have one in Baltimore and TWO in Miami Beach for him)...

I will keep posting - probably better than I could from Miami. Hope all of my dear friends and "family" in Miami stay safe!!!