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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MS-NBC vs The Deaf

Moments ago, Gov. JEB appeared on MS-NBC with an urgent Hurricane Rita message to his South Florida/Key West constituents that it's too late to leave now and they should "turn around, not drown".

As is the policy of the Florida governor's office when issuing emergency messages, a signer for the deaf interprets on-screen simulaneously.

MS-NBC first put its logo on top of the signer. Then it superimposed a weather map on top of her. Next it split the main screen with the weather map and governor side-by-side, pushing the signer to the right off the screen altogether.

Then, as if denying life-saving emergency information to the deaf was not enough, MS-NBC interrupted the governor's Spanish-language restatement in favor of having the MS-NBC news readers prattle.

Letters of complaint to MS-NBC should go to this address: