Marriage is love.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

Well, my two beloved Bloggrrlllz, Pam and Shakespeare's Sister, have covered the historical assembly vote to allow all couples in California to love freely.

So, I would like to use my forum to share the letter I wrote to Governor Schwarzenegger today (you can email him also). Will he be the ultimate "terminator" and truly spit in the faces of many of his fellow actors (and friends) in order to satisfy the hateful AmTaliban?

Hello Governor,

I am writing to respectfully ask that when you consider whether or not to approve the bill for same-sex unions, you please keep in mind that the human lives you will hurt, perhaps forever, by siding with people who hate others simply because they love differently...

Simply because they love differently...but they DO love, Governor. They have a need to be protected in their love, and in their families.

My other half is a physician, and is being courted by a major CA medical center to provide a unique combination of trauma, critical care, and vascular surgery. She is being courted by several other hospitals in the nation. One of our major decision-making factors will be the outcome of this decision. I know in the scheme of things this is not a proverbial "big deal" but to see California being the first state in the nation to have a same-sex marriage law passed by the legislature, and then to have it not allowed, paving the way for further discrimination on behalf of hate groups, would just not make the state an enticing place to live.

Loving differently should not preclude being allowed to love fully.

Thank you.