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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Letter to Wannabe John Kerry

Tonight I got yet another smarmy email from "" asking me for MORE money. I had moved his (weekly) emails to my junk file but didn't want to permanently unsubscribe in case I might miss something important. Well, tonight I realized that:

John. Kerry. Never. Has. Said. Anything. Important.

...and he never will.

To that end - when I "unsubscribed" and they asked "why??" - I replied as follows (please excuse the less-than-optimal grammar; I was pissed):

Mr. Kerry you have let down an entire population of Americans. You have back and forth movements for/against war every month. I know you have NO idea what it is like for a "regular" Democrat and that whomever wins in office, you are fine. For heaven's sake will you just CHOOSE what you stand for - however you have lost my vote.

If I were you I would read Huffington's post/story about your most recent war support comments...if I were you I would cringe with embarrassment and perhaps re-think or maybe consider for the first time what I was supposed to stand for in 2004.

You let down a lot of people - particularly the ones who took to heart the email money-requesting campaign prior to the 2004 election which specifically stated that you "needed money to help pay for the recount" which you PROMISED you would do.

Did you?

No - you kept those funds - some people gave you an entire weeks' salary for your "recount" fund - and you socked the money away in an interest-bearing account for your "next" run.

In my mind you stole from the people - you lied in your email.

Please stop sending your baseless emails.

Your words were lost on me when you 1. Lied in your recount fund request and 2. When your most recent war comments told us to look on the "bright side."

Please go enjoy your life and stop distracting real Democrats from working with us to enjoy ours.



Miami Beach, FL