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Thursday, September 08, 2005

"The Religious Right has Already Lost "

'Bean posted a frustrated take on Attorney General Tom Reilly (D - or should we say "DINO") allowing a vote to ban gay marriage in Massachusetts. Understandably, this blow was a low one, and most likely instigated because the man has more power in his sights - a run for governor...

Fellow friend in the blogosphere, and Julien's List regular Oddjob posted a comment in the related thread that just shone out to me as a beacon of hope - and hopefully TRUTH - in the middle of the seemingly endless attacks on one's right to love, and to commit, to a life partner. He kindly allowed me to post it. I hope you find it as uplifting as I do:

Prejudice can transcend age & time, but the polling I've seen repeatedly indicates that the younger the American is the more likely he or she is to not think homosexuals are so different from everyone else as to not deserve equal treatment before the law. There is a pretty significant divide on this between those born around 1970 or later versus those who were born before.

This split in attitude is robust since it repeatedly appears in a variety of polling on homosexual rights.

The religious wrong has already lost.

Beatifully written, and very inspiring, Oddjob...thanks!