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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Rite of Brillantly Executed Justice

The powerful Goddess Athena passed down to her faithful human sisterhood of worshipers several extremely powerful goddess rituals. One of those rituals was the “Rite of Brilliantly Executed Justice” The sisterhood traditionally performed this ritual before a trial or before some sort of judgment proceeding to help insure that those responsible for rendering judgment would be clear minded and fair and pass their judgments with brilliantly executed justice – hence the name of the rite. For today, to appropriately mark the confirmation of John Roberts, I think the entire sisterhood of women in the US should perform the following rite. This rite should be repeated for seven days. The Rite of Brilliantly Executed Justice is extremely effective.

The Rite:

On a piece of parchment paper write down the liberties you value most as a women in this country. Consider the ones we usually take for granted, like for instance, the right to vote. Document them all.

While burning a red pillar candle hold your list above the flame in the smoke while chanting the following words, “may you render only brilliantly executed justice” over and over again for at least 7 minutes.

Blow the candle out. Fold your paper and seal it shut with the wax from your candle.

Deliver it to the doorstep of the Adjudicator in question, ( I think in our case, mailing it would be fine).


Unfortunately there is no ritual. However, at this point I am beginning to believe that the above mentioned incantation would be as effective or maybe even more so then the constant mantra of reason we have sent out to those we’ve hired to represent us. We have followed all of our instructions. When instructed us to call our Senators, we did. When Naral told us to send letters, we did. When we got emails asking us to sign electronic petitions, we did. Yet, here we are, once again feeling pretty much powerless to absolutely protect our most basic freedoms as women in this country. However, and this is a big however, we may not be as powerless as we think. We have to change our thinking from victim mode right now. We have fought for our rights before and won under very difficult circumstances. The thing we need to act on immediately is that the Senators, Republican and Democrat alike who voted to confirm this complete unknown are people we HIRED TO REPRESENT US.

I took a management class once that highlighted the uplifting subject of firing employees. I will never forget one of the guidelines was that it’s better not to completely blindside an employee with the bad news. Maybe a few days in advance meet the unfortunate soon to be unemployed in the lunch room and ask them in passing if they’ve always wanted to be, lets say a file clerk. When they answer, “no”. This gives you the perfect opportunity to encourage them to follow their dreams. This planting a “subtle seed” that they may be looking for a new job. Today I sent my Senators that voted for this confirmation a link to, where they can place their online resumes. I’m hoping this gives them the subtle impression that they may be looking for a job.

All women in the US should be praying, dancing, chanting, or whatever they do, that our liberties as equal citizens are protected by this man. My mother, my sister, and I have agreed to just silently bless his robes every morning over our yogurt, bless the robes, that when he puts them on he does what he’s promised – leave politics behind and brilliantly execute justice.