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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So not impressed

Must be getting close to a floor vote 'cause my e-mailbox is getting flooded with notes from Kerry, Boxer, Reid, etc., looking for brownie points because they're going to vote against Roberts.

I know they're not stupid but I'm not sure they know I'm not.

They can count but they must think I can't. If there's a vote, Roberts is going to get the Republicans' ones -- and enough DINO ones to confirm him because the DLCers won't discipline their own.

That makes these typically overlong statements of opposition as meaningless as a recent Seven Sisters timid white liberal grad's admonishments to her streetwise high school students to sit down and behave themselves. Just like the high school thugs she's wasting her breath on, the Senate Repugs are going to laugh at these protestations and do exactly what they want to do.

My message to these spineless Dems: Either filibuster, tell it like it really is minus the flowers, or shut the **** up.