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Friday, September 02, 2005

A thought before parting for the weekend . . .

As many have noticed, I'm cranky, irritable, foul-mouthed, VERY liberal, focused, not terribly "huggy" or "user friendly," and am perhaps even a bit intolerant of those with different ideas.

That said, I am, believe it or not, motivated by human decency, a basic belief in the simple dignity of people (even the ones I damn well cannot stand and never want to speak to), and a sense of "doing right."

Therefore, take what I am about to say with profound seriousness and sincerity.

As we leave each other for the weekend, let us do our own small bit for the poor, the suffering, and the utterly-screwed among the Hurricane Survivors.

Those folks had so little compared to the rest of us before - they have even less now. And while I personally plan to hold every possible Republican, Conservative, and Libertarian foot to the fire on all the amazing failures during this disaster . . . I also plan to remember first and foremost one group in particular:

The victims.

Have a good weekend, folks - and see you next week.

'Bean (still with penis)