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Monday, October 24, 2005

Anonymous for Prez?

I was a-wanderin' through the blogosphere this evening, randomly reading comments here and keeping with our theme of WTF have the Dems done for us lately, I thought that "Anonymous" hit the nail on the head...especially the bolded parts (bolded by moi).

Once again the GOP has a plan to deal with Fitz - and for no reason I can see - the Dems do not.

[NOTE FROM MS. JULIEN: Indeed they is here. WTF are the Dems?? Not a word...there has not been a word in five years...]

This week is THE MOMENT for the Democrats to be on the same page - but again our "leadership" is all over the map.

It is beyond pathetic at this point that Reid Pelosi Dean and the rest have not gotten together to formulate a clear set of talking points to deal with perjury charges that go to reasons we went to war.

What is wrong with the Democratic leadership? and why, while the GOP is trying to make perjury seem like a joke - the DEMS are once again missing?

Someone must have the chutzpah to really stand up and DO something.