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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Blade: Nazi March Canceled in Toledo

Toledo police canceled a planned Nazi rally through North Toledo today before it even started because of disturbances among protestors along the route. Police Chief Mike Navarre said about six arrests have been made, several vehicles — including a police car — have been damaged but no injuries have been reported...

SUNDAY UPDATE: More coverage from one of the best papers on the planet, The (Toledo) Blade.

"It started with neo-Nazis, mushroomed into a riot, and left behind a community shaken and wounded.

With violence not seen in Toledo since the race riots of the 1960s, crowds sometimes numbering more than 500 yesterday threw rocks, bottles, and bricks at law enforcement officials. Police responded with clouds of tear gas and wooden “knee-knocker” pellets..."

I remember the '60s riots - I was a child then, living in Toledo. There was much concern that what was happening in Detroit would happen in Toledo and its suburbs. I remember men with rifles walking on the roof of the Westgate Shopping Center in West Toledo, several blocks north of my home in Ottawa Hills. In recent years, I discussed this by email with my childhood friend Ricky D. Rick told me that there was more than that going on and there were guns in his home (his parents must have kept them hidden from us children). Growing up, I don't remember seeing guns of any type in anyone's home except that my aunt, uncle & cousins in Chicago had our grandfather's WWI rifle hung over the mantelpiece in the basement.

The '60s were a rough time.