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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ding Dong, the Witch Is...

...feeling the heat and backing off. Or maybe the healthy glow of the blog-fueled light was just too much for a vampire to bear.

In other words, Senator Pat Miller has withdrawn her "unauthorized reproduction" bill from Health Finance Commission consideration. That means that, in its current form, it is considered untenably controversial for the upcoming legislative session.

But in Indiana, the dead -- particularly the wingnuts' legislative offspring -- have such a tendency to rise again in one form or another that the Legislative Services office ought to be renamed the House of Lestat. Sen. 'Anne Rice' Miller, in particular, true believer in the health benefits of thick, red, Transylvanian koolaid that she is, does not often permanently bury her dead, preferring to bring them back again and again, in whole or in part, until her colleagues cry 'Uncle'.

Eternal vigilence is a pitifully inadequate understatement.