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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Focused On His Own Damned Family -- Way Too Much

Remember Susan Smith's molester stepfather who parlayed an AmTaliban leadership role into a Republican leadership one? Ditto the Anderson, Indiana, antigay foster parent/AmTaliban organizer who objected to a gay man's attempt to adopt the AmTaliban family's foster daughter (the purpose of the adoption to reunite the little girl with her brothers the gay man had already adopted) before the AmTaliban's wife reported her husband for molesting said little girl?

Then the report that former Multnomah County, Oregon, Republican Party chair, Louis Beres -- longtime chair of the Christian Coalition of Oregon and one of the main movers and shakers behind the state's homohating anti-marriage-equality amendment, has been recently accused of being a serial child molester should come as no surprise.

My advice to Beres: Come clean, make amends -- including paying your victims every penny they need for recovery and whatever they need to achieve a sense of justice, then 'focus on your own damned therapy!'