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Monday, October 31, 2005

The fundie wackos are still the minority

Let's just keep telling ourselves that.

In the meantime, here is the example of those who WILL fight back when the time is right. All it takes is a few more reality-based individuals to show the idiocy and hypocrisy of the far, far religious right. You know, the ones who said that god would blow off the earth several hundred thousand people just to kill a few sinners? Of course only the fundies get to say what the definition of sin is...

Hm...still waiting for that last troll to answer my question re: Leviticus...

From today's Letters to the Miami Herald:

Shameful religious zealotry

In an Oct. 27 Readers' Forum letter, the writer said that ''God is speaking to us.'' She then insinuated that Key West and New Orleans both deserved the destructive hurricanes because they have festivals that promote ``sex, sin and gin.''

How about all the decent, hardworking people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Did they deserve what happened as well?

Such religious zealotry has fostered intolerance and hatred. As a well-educated man in my 30s, I know that other well-educated people in my generation have come to detest religion of all sorts because of this kind of narrow-minded thinking.

I now see why they think this way.


The Oct. 27 letter says that the hurricanes in New Orleans and Key West were God's punishment for their ``sex, sin and gin.''

But these cities also have places where people worship their God.