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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fw: Unbelievably creepy...

I received this letter today from a friend. She received it today from her sister who attended the anti-war march in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. She gave me permission to print this as long as I don't use their names.

"On September 24 I went to Washington DC for the anti-war march.

Today I find out that the CDC is sending out alerts to the medical community here that tularemia bacteria was detected by air sensors near the Washington Monument (where some of the protest was held).

This is part of the new detection system installed to monitor for biological agents. The bacteria was detected only on the day of the protest march.

The incubation period for tularemia is usually 3-5 days. If it took them a whole week to alert the medical community, I would guess that would make it pretty difficult for doctors to have treated the disease last week if they didn't know what to look for.

It is a bacteria that causes a flu-like disease, which can develop into pneumonia if not treated with antibiotics. It can kill you. It was tested during the cold war as a bioweapon.

Yikes! The CDC is saying that no cases of the disease have been eported, and they think it was just a small amount, but I find it quite a coincidence that it happened on a day when more than 00,000 people were there to protest.

Oh yeah, and Bush was out of own that day, in Colorado,"monitoring" the hurricane."