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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Geeks unite!

Well, I just loved Shakespeare's Sister's post, entitled:

Question of the Day: Geeks Speak

She embraces geekiness - her own self-claimed, as well as others. She has posted a picture of herself which is completely cute and I guess I will admit my geekiness as well, taking her challenge.

I am a dog-lover - for one dog actually - my rescue puppy, Verdell, who has been the subject of, or mentioned in, various posts throughout the history of Julien's List.

My geekiness caused even hardened New-Yorkers, who have usually seen it all, to gawk. Alix and I spent our spring vacation in NYC with Verdell, and took a two-hour ride with rented bikes along the West Side Highway. Of course, I had to take the dog...he willingly hung in his doggie harness for the entire time...accomodating little scamp that he is.

So - I admit it - I am a geek! Are you?? Share - take the Shakes' Sis Challenge!