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Monday, October 31, 2005

I wonder if any of the members of the Methodist top court were wearing mixed fabrics (polyester/cotton, etc.)...

...when they de-frocked Elizabeth Stroud today.

After all, these same fundie f*ckers used Leviticus to call this deeply religious woman, who is beloved by her congregation, and continually lauded for her good works, an abomination.

But...gee, pastor Dan, can you answer this one?

Here is my question:

Why don't fundamentalists organize protests and picket seafood restaurants, oyster bars, church barbecue suppers, all grocery stores, barber shops, tattoo parlors, and stores that sell suits and dresses made of mixed wool, cotton, polyester, and other materials?

All of these products and services are "abominations" in Leviticus.
When have you heard a preacher condemn the demonic abomination of garments that are made of mixed fabrics?

You know what? Every time some righteous person gets offended that I am offended by today's religion, and is just amazed that I would be angry at facing hateful words every day by religious groups, they still NEVER seem to have an answer to my "Leviticus" question.

And I am still waiting for an answer to my "Leviticus" question.

Hello? Hello?

Maybe I should take out my own personal ad:

WPF, in committed relationship to same, desperately seeking answer to question of why religious groups continually "pick and choose" amongst the abominations in Leviticus.

If this is the "word of god" how come mere mortals get to "pick and choose" what is and is not an abomination...

Leviticus calls many things abominations...yet why do self-described 'christians' decide that in this "day and age" only ONE is?

Sounds like a bit o' "cafeteria christianity" to me!

I have been asking this on my blog and others for over a year...

NOT ONE person has an answer...

Look at the Methodists eating their own right now: Rev. Beth Stroud. A faithful, intelligent woman, who could have "hid" her lover...and the "church elders" would have just ignored it.

But she committed a CRIME - the crime of being honest in front of her God and her congregation. She was in love, and it was beautiful, and she didn't shame it by hiding.

And now? She is a lay minister desperately clinging to a religion that thinks she is an abomination.

(As I stated in the heading of this post, I wonder if any of the members of the Judicial Council were wearing mixed fabric when they gave her the boot for violating Leviticus?)

Ms. Julien