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Friday, October 14, 2005

If I wasn't a lesbian...

...I'd have a big schoolgirl crush on Keith Olbermann.

Check out his MSN video, "Live and Unscripted" which shows how much of a nightmare yesterday was for the Shrub administration -- all in delightfully excrutiating detail.

Wisely, Olbermann comments little, allowing the film to speak for itself:
* The painfully stilted live version of the scripted and rehearsed press conference with the hand-picked crew of mostly officers,
* The skewering of Scott McClellan in the press room,
* The rehearsal showing how the soldier's 9/11 reference was to be given with a prior dramatic pause, and
* The connection to the press further giving McClellan no quarter over the discrepancy between the White House labeling religious references about Roberts as irrelevant yet featuring them in touting Miers.

As I said, Olbermann speaks little but what he says is so far beyond choice it's Kobe. I don't want to spoil your fun, so I'll just leave it for you to watch.