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Friday, October 28, 2005

Is it my birthday???

Ask anyone who knows me well and has had the unfortunate experience of my lunchtime "democracy is dead" speech. I don't have a very sunny disposition when it comes to our current political state. However, I find myself walking on air this morning.

With the crash and burn of the Miers nomination still playing in my head, I got the news this morning of the Libby being indicted. Now before long, we will have to think about what this all means. We may find that Rove won't go down in a ball of flames and that will be disappointing. We may learn that the next Supreme Court nominee actually has horns coming out of its head and really is direct kin to Satan. However, for today, I have to celebrate. I've called my friends and we are getting together ASAP for margaritas where I possibly plan to reprise at least part of my democracy is dead speech.

The liberals in our country have had a dreadful run with almost NO good news to find comfort in. I live in Washington State where, this time of year, the sun is at a premium. It was so bright outside this morning, I had to wear shades. Maybe, just maybe, it was an omen of good things to come. So, I challenge you to celebrate with me today. Margaritas all around!