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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ken Lay in High Heels - a word from contributor Mario

In case anyone thought Harriet Miers wasn't a corporate-shill-in-White-House-clothing, take a gander at how Miers did her best Ken Lay impression while heading a major Texas corporate law firm. That's right, according to the 5/1/00 newsletter Class Action Reporter, Miers headed Locke, Liddell & Sapp at the time the firm was forced to pay $22 million to settle a suit asserting that "it aided a client in defrauding investors."

details of the case are both nauseating and highly troubling, considering President Bush is considering putting Miers at the top of America's legal system. Under Miers' leadership, the firm represented
the head of a "foreign currency trading company [that] was allegedly a Ponzi scheme." The law-firm admitted that it "knew in March 1998 that $ 8 million in [the company's] losses hadn't been reported to investors" but didn't tell regulators.

This wasn't an isolated incident, either. The Austin American-Statesman reported in 2001 that Miers' lawfirm was forced to pay another $8 million for a similar scheme to defraud investors. The suit, which dealt with actions the firm took under Miers in the late 1990s, was again quite troubling. As the 9/20/00 Texas Lawyer reported, Miers' firm helped a now-convicted con man "defraud investors and allowed the firm's [bank] account to be used as a 'conduit.'"

Tom Bugman Delay charged with money laundering..... New indictments which cold throw the rat bastard in jail for life.
Ohio Governor convicted and refuses to step down from office
W nominates a crook to the SC
PlameGate in full steam..... Sources close to the investigation say that Rove Bush and Cheney are being investigated in the leak.
Election monitor J Carter says the 2000 Election was stolen
Iraq a bloody mess
Brownie commits perjury

And all we hear in the corporate media is about a friggin boat going down in LK George......of all places

They are covering the wrong George related disaster.

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