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Monday, October 03, 2005

Questions, Questions...

There's one intriguing thing about SCOTUS nominations falling one on top of the other: the issues remain pretty much the same. Whether that's a good thing or a bad one I have yet to decide.

What's different is that the candidate herself has a really vehement anti-choice record of her own that's recent enough to count and cannot be passed off as schoolchild excesses or attorney/client stuff. What's the same is the enigma thing. Smart move not to abandon a winning strategy.

The wingnuts are waxing less-than-thrilled again -- nothing new there nor are the assurances to them from those in the know like Orrin Hatch that the nominee has everything that will make them as happy as piglets from a small enough litter that nobody has to do any climbing to find a warm, milky teat.

Not that this one isn't also a lock -- it is, given the sign-off by the Senate minority leader two weeks ago. Not that there aren't questions to be answered aplenty -- there are. For instance, I'd even pledge to watch reality television -- once -- if I could have the whole Lambda questionnaire asked (out loud with cameras running and in an hour people are normally awake) in Ms. Miers' confirmation hearing, much less answered.

I'd like to know what she was for and against in her short two years as an elected thing in Dallas. I'd like to know more about her role in the Texas Lottery corruption scandal. I just know she knows where all the bodies are buried in Shrub's life and I want every single last juicy detail. I also know I won't get those but I'll settle for knowing what part she played in the torture memos and what she thinks about torture as a legit component of U.S. anti-terror policy because, during the time it was despicably determined to be okay, every paper that crossed Shrub's desk was supposed to have passed her inspection first.

But, more than all these, what I really want is for Ms. Miers to be admitted for a few weeks of neuropsych testing and observation -- unless this move to the judiciary is her way of establishing that she's rethought her now oft-quoted assessment of Shrub's supremacy of intellect and that she's now exercising a bit of her own to leave a listing ship.