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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Rosa Parkses of Chhindwada

(But with much nicer police than Miz Parks had to deal with back in the day...)


Lesbian couple rebel to live together in Madhya Pradesh
Chhindwada (Madhya Pradesh) | October 25, 2005 4:34:07 PM IST

Same sex relationships are still looked down upon in India, yet there are a few who have the courage to rebel against this societal prejudice even in a remote place like Chhindwada, a conservative town in Madhya Pradesh.

Two girls, Jyoti and Savita here have asserted their rights to live as a same sex couple with the police supporting them.

When Jyoti and Savita went missing 10 days back, their worried parents went to the Parasia police station to lodge a complaint. But they were surprised to find the girls in the safe custody of the police.

The girls have refused to return to their homes and have been living at the police station for the last 10 days.

The girls, neighbours in Ambada locality of Chhindwada, became friendly five years back. The relationship flourished despite their parents berating them frequently.

A fortnight back Jyoti came to know that her parents wanted her to get married to a youth from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. She protested and told her parents that she wanted to live with Savita for the rest of her life.

Jyoti was then locked in a room but 10 days back she managed to escape. She along with Savita took shelter at the police station.

"I came to know a few days back that my parents were fixing my marriage. So I left my house. I want to spend my life with Savita," said Jyoti.

"We have decided to live together. We will take the help of court in case our parents tried to separate us," said Savita.

The girls have completed their schools and intend to take up some job.

The Parasia police are puzzled, as they have never handled such a case before.

"We are getting the ages of the girls verified. If they are adults, we cannot do anything because they have not committed any crime," said Sunil Tiwari, an official of Parasia police station.

"If the girls want, they can live together. But we will see to it that they are not harmed by their family members," he added.