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Sunday, October 09, 2005

This is funny ... go to the site for pics and bios .. you, too, can get a CronyJob

"Apply" now to secure a lucrative career both decrying and luxuriating in the spoils of Big Government! No experience necessary! Don't miss your chance to suckle greedily at America's soon-to-be-bankrupt bureaucracy teat!

A Small Sampling of Our Satisfied Clientele:

NAME: Harriet Miers
POSITION: Associate Justice, US Supreme Court
SALARY: $202,900/year (pending)
TESTIMONIAL: "Not only did CronyJobs set me up with a faboo White House staff position, now I'm getting a life-long appointment to try out this 'Judge' stuff. I can hardly wait to meet that sexpot Ruth Bader Ginsberg!"

NAME: Michael Brown
POSITION: Director: Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency
SALARY: $145,600/year
TESTIMONIAL: "I just love my FEMA corner office with the mahogany furniture and the perky little secretary. And thanks to CronyJobs, my Florsheim penny loafers have slipped in their last pile of Arabiac horse dung!"