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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well, I thought it might be too good to be true...

...and it was. Remember Wal-Mart, and our thought yesterday that it had joined the reality-based community as far as employee rights/care?

Well, (hat tip to just a day after that stunning announcement, Walmart is most likely facing a VEEERRRRYYY pricey lawsuit from the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Given the contents of the below internal memo, I can see why.

Evil company. No wonder the granddaughter cheated on all her college coursework (and lost her diploma) - the family is made up of cheaters (and she certainly learned her lesson well) - and the victims are mostly the employees that are the backbone of the behemoth retail chain.

(*Of course, they probably don't feel bad at all about the sentiment of the memo - just that it made its way into the public eye. Kind of reminds me of the Bush Administration...)

Wal-Mart: Discriminate to Save Health Care Costs

The day after Wal-Mart's fake PR offensive to portray themselves as concerned about their employees health care and wages, Stephen Greenhouse -- who proves the NY Times still has some decent reporters -- reveals this internal memo from Wal-Mart. The memo calls for Wal-Mart saving money by forcing more employees into part-time work without benefits and discriminating against the unhealthy and disabled:
To discourage unhealthy job applicants, [the memo] suggests that Wal-Mart arrange for "all jobs to include some physical activity (e.g., all cashiers do some cart-gathering)."...

"It will be far easier to attract and retain a healthier work force than it will be to change behavior in an existing one," the memo said. "These moves would also dissuade unhealthy people from coming to work at Wal-Mart."

Wal-Mart has hopefully bought itself a nice Americans with Disabilities Act class action lawsuit.

Or better, the publicity will force them to avoid any of the nasty proposals outlined in the memo, since any lawyer now has documented intent to discriminate in hand if they do.