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Monday, October 10, 2005

What's happening to Indiana's manufacturing jobs?

Uh...overwhelming Republicans who send the jobs overseas? A falsely-aligned allegiance with the Tom DeLays and Bill Frists and Dear Leader? A bunch of laid-off workers who vote against their own interests and instead of realizing that, just sit around and PRAY for "things to get better?" Because it is full of people who would rather "get the queers" than vote for candidates who support issues that would benefit the citizens of the entire state?

I mean, DUH?!??!

Indianapolis, October 10, 2005 - Indiana is more dependent today on manufacturing than it was three decades ago. And tens-of-thousands of those jobs have disappeared in the past few years.

The despair over Delphi's recent bankruptcy filing is nothing new. For decades, Indiana has been losing thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs.

Telephones made in Indianapolis; refrigerators made in Bloomington; television tubes made in Marion are all gone - most lost to cheaper foreign competition.

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