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Saturday, October 29, 2005

"When I Knew"

I heard an interview with Andrew Sullivan on NPR this morning. He was talking about a new book called When I Knew. It is a collection of stories about when people realized they were gay.

excerpts -

I wondered in my little five-year-old brain if it was wrong to want to be Christopher Plummer, a.k.a. Captain von Trapp. It was the only way, as a girl, that I could imagine being able to be with the beautful Julie Andrews... I made my mother take me back to see the movie several times that summer, which she was more than happy to do as she just assumed it was because I wanted to be a nun -- not that I wanted to be with a nun. -- Kate Nielsen

As a kid, I became obsessed with the man on the Doan's Pills box. His back was so sexy. When my mom's supply ran out and she threw the box away, I went to the drug store and stole another. I stuffed it down my pants, where it's been ever
since. -- Jon Kinnally