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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yep, the GOP polls are in the toilet, so what do they do?

Continue to get the queers. God, these people disgust me.

Thanks to Gary at American Dreams Lost for this post - which I have copied in its entirety....

GOP...Chips are Down...We need to BAN Gay Marriage!

Gross! But in no way surprising.

When the chips are down, the GOP and more specifically the right-wing-nut-jobs in the House try to redirect the argument to something that scares the hell out of America: Gay Weddings!

With the current tidal wave of bad stuff happening for Bush & Co. is anyone really surprised that they are trying to put this back on the table?

The latest round of "terror alerts" hasn't created the right fear based climate to distract the nation, so the GOP is pulling their favorite trick:
Legitimate Faith-Based Government Fag Bashing.

In other words, they (specifically Senator Brownback (R-KS))are going to rehash the religious right agenda against homosexuality; amending the Constitution ban Gay Marriage. (click this link to send a letter against it via HRC)

That's right kids...Tomorrow in the US Senate, in light of a some scary shit on the horizon for the Supreme Court, they are going to start the discussion of passing a Federal Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America to protect the nation from gay marriage.

I hate to say it, but hatred sells in this country! This tactic more than worked for them in the past! They want to use this ploy to protect their own hides in the 2006 election cycle. But irrespective of that, they are trying to define us again as non-citizens!

Well, I wasn't going to stand for that shit the first time, and I sure as hell will not stand idly by and let them try again!

I encourage you all to immediately contact your representatives and demand they vote "NO" to any measure that will write discrimination into the US Constitution. The following links will show you how to contact state, federal and media outlets by your zip code by following this link.

It is time to make some noise! We need to drown them out -- and now!

I think it worth reminding them that it is hideous to think this is a national priority when so many are STILL homeless, and soon to be homeless as a result of this hurricane season. When soldiers are dying in a war based on lies, this is what they deem important?

Surely, Americans would like them to work on real problems facing the nation. Not on creating more problems for citizens of this nation!

Shame on them!

Now get to work.

You have letters to write and numbers to dial!

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