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Friday, November 18, 2005

And this is good policy because....

From AmericaBlog:

The Republican-controlled US Senate just passed legislation extending Bush's tax cuts because that's the biggest issue facing America right now, we simply must have MORE TAX CUTS.
The overall bill reduces taxes about $60 billion over five years, preserving many tax breaks scheduled to expire unless lawmakers keep them intact.... Senate GOP leaders pledged that when the bill returns to the Senate for final approval, it will also extend the life of reduced tax rates for capital gains and dividends, scheduled to end when the calendar flips to 2009.
The Republican-controlled US House is now debating similar GOP-sponsored legislation, and will vote shortly, on extending Bush's tax cuts.

It's really amazing. In the past week, the GOP tried to cut student loans. They tried to cut school lunches for 40,000 children. All because we just don't have any more money. And at the same time, they want to have EVEN MORE TAX CUTS. And C-Span jsut confirmed that the House bill will cut Student Loans, Medicaid and Food Stamps. Yep, the Republicans say they simply have to cut all the programs for middle America and for the needy because we just don't have any more money. But then they turn around and try to pass ANOTHER TAX CUT.

The far-right cabal that's taken over the Republican party is out of control.

Oh yeah, by the way, that little Iraq fiasco has cost us $300 billion, more than enough to pay for everything.