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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another Company Cronyism Tale...this one you just won't believe

Guest Contributor Mario weighs in, and as usual is spot on. I would also like to add that he pre-empted a post that I was in the process of researching. The absolute lowest blow: We have been inundated by Chimp and his cronies re: bird flu. Yes, folks, Bushie is going to save you once again - He has unveiled his "Bird Flu Strategy." However, why the hype NOW? Because Rummy has landed a very cushie job as the CEO of Gilead Sciences - who just happened to get the no-bid contract to make bulk quantities of the vaccine.

The man is CEO now of the company given the entire contract to make the "bird flu" vaccine.

Hmmmm...Just as Bush created the No Child Left Behind Act to funnel money into his brother Neil's company Ignite Software, and how he started the Iraq war to feed his buddy Cheney's company Halliburton (and for the oil of course), he has now attacked bird flu to fund Rummy's new little CEO job.

Ms. Julien

And's Mario:

Way to go Mr. Reid!!!!! God its nice to have a real Dem in charge of our party.....the days of Daschle and Lieberman are OVER!!!!!

Finally had enough of the obstruction from the right wing anti American commies who run the Republican Party. The Republican Taliban is killing this nation and enough is enough. Their crimes have to be exposed to a hypnotized population.

The repugs pulled the same Rule 21 process SIX times during the Clinton admin ( over a BJ !!! ) take their outrage and tell them to shove it.

We are still w/o power here in Lake Worth...running my Mac off the cig lighter in my car.

People have been waiting in line for gas for HOURS....the stations have gas but no electricity for the pumps........the Florida Legislature passed a bill last year that would give gas stations tax credits to buy generators....the bill was vetoed by Jeb. The tax credit would go to the independent owner operators...not the bloated gas bet ole Jebbie would’ve never vetoed the bill if it put more money into the pockets of the Bush Mafia....but the every day owner/operators of gas stations.....screw them.... and screw the citizens of Fla.

Jeb’s retarded half-ape brother has cut hurricane funding, so don’t let his BS photo ops fool the way can someone tell me why Jeb speaks like the Connecticut prep school elitists that the Bushes are but the Murder Monkey speaks like Gabby Hayes?

The Murder Monkey is in full bird flu scare mode.....called today for a 7 billion $$$$ bill to buy the vaccine to help stop the spread of the company has the patent on the vaccine and only that company will reap the huge profits from the large govt. purchase (it’s ok for the government to make bulk purchases of this vaccine, but not to make bulk buys of other meds to keep prices down? )......the Head of the Board of Directors of that company???
Donald Rumsfeld.... You can’t make this stuff up!!!

Will write more when we get our power back...
Jeb Sucks!!

We found the weapons of mass destruction.”
-GW Bush, May 2003