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Friday, November 04, 2005

Another Day

There were plenty of those from the right wing that used to argue with me at their sites, mine and this site that left me breathless with their ideas.

Today, there is little for them to argue about. Their views and arguments have been totally undermined by reality and the facts which are now delivered by the White House's daily scandals.

Everyday from here on will be worse for the wing nuts and their ludicrous agenda which they sought to impose upon all of us.

However, for decades to come we shall all be saddled with the draconian block of Supreme Court Justices that this President Bush and the last have burdened us with. Hopefully, the next three election cycles will even out the power so that the damage is minimized.

However, the Libby indictment, and Rove's anticipated fall, seems to me to be the hallmark of the tide turning domestically. With a majority of Americans ready to have articles of impeachment issued (not that this House of Congress would ever do so), the mood will change shortly. Goose stepping Republicans will soon change their tune, as the electorate begins to vote against them, and their bubble will burst.

UNFORTUNATELY, for our troops, this President is set on sending more to their death so that he can show that he stayed the course, no matter how insane. Refusing to send the numbers needed to protect our men and women, while persisting in keeping them in harms way without force protection, the blame is now upon the Pentagon who allows this to continue. Only an all out Iraqi civil war will end our occupation.

And so it goes today.