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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Democrats STILL Not Leading

With all due respect to my fellow bloggers, this day of Democratic Triumph may be rather well down the road: the current Democratic policies of "Step Right" and "Moderate," pioneered in the days of Bill Clinton and embraced by the likes of Senator Joe Lieberman and that Filthy SOB Zell Miller, who spoke at the Republican National Convention, have left a party with no stance, policy, position, leadership or direction.

But don't take my word for it - I'm just a cranky faggot getting an education to be in the medical profession: what the hell do I know about politics?

Take's word for it instead (watching an advert required: WELL worth it for the read).

So, here is what I want to know.

What will it take for the Left to develop (1) laser-like focus, (2) surgical-steel dedication, and (3) a plan for taking measurable, tangible, productive action?

I think these questions are quite significant - especially in light of our current leaders being so spineless (Billary Clitten, Joe "sell 'em out" Lieberman, That Lousy Bastard ZM; MoveOn, PFAW, NARAL . . . but forget the HRC: too busy selling out to Corporate America towork on local politics). All I hear is the endless cheer-leading for "Protest! Protest! Protest! Vigil! Vigil! Vigil!" But we keep getting the same shit, each day, every day, without fail, under the predictable guidance of the now-crippled hand of Bush.

What the hell is this? Alternate Reality?

Any predictions on when we get strong, level-headed, clear-eyed leadership?

Any predictions from who?

Any idea how long it will take before more ask these same questions?

Or, for that matter, how much longer before the 39% of the Neanderthals who "Suh-purt da 'Preznit 'n R trupes" decide getting buggered by the wealthy and powerful is the same sin that created this nation - namely the old battle-cry of "Taxation without Representation?"

I am, in sum-total, disgusted.

At least the DNC finally shut Senator John Fucking Kerry up: notice we no longer get his hat-in-hand pleas for money?

Sometimes, progress is measured in very, very, very small amounts.