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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hillary Clinton is to the RIGHT of Sam Brownback

Great HuffPo article - excellent current analysis of the "party lines" crumbling in light of the Iraq War fiasco. My particular favorite part - and so frustrating for Democrats, especially considering Pam's post on Brownback today. Hillary is no friend of anyone.

Hillary Clinton is the leading Democrat pushing a position that, on the obsolete left-right continuum, puts her to the right of Sam Brownback. According to a Hillary supporter who spoke to her at one of her recent Hollywood fundraisers: "Hillary basically said that since the White House is going to end up pulling troops out anyway before the election, Democrats can just stand by and let it happen without going out on a limb. She thinks that anyone one who lays out a plan is going to be immediately shot down. Better to just keep hammering the president for not having a plan of his own."

How very meta. Say that we need a plan, criticize the president for not having a plan, but avoid -- at all costs -- coming up with a plan of your own.