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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I feel good.

Yesterday was kind of shi*ty ... I was in a Miami-esque car accident. Speeding driver, not watching me, horrible intersection that all our tax dollars to Metro Dade do not provide a much-needed traffic light for...

Anyway, today the sun is shining and I have a busy day. I woke up and directly hit the net for election results. You can get the rundown on,,,, or, amongst others.

We are still waiting to hear from Julien's List contributor Lisa, regarding the outcome of the race in Washington State for which she was campaign manager...more on that later.

The bottom line is, the Democrats had a good show last night. Ahnold lost his ignorant initiatives for the most part, all the schoolboard members in PA who wanted (un)intelligent design were given the boot, and NJ and VA have Democratic governors now - just SO loved it when Dumbya made an 11th hour showing to help the lagging Kilgore, calling it an indication, or some such bullshit, of his "referendum" and then the f*cker lost BIG TIME.

Maine upheld its civil rights laws for gays.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, TX overwhelmingly voted in double discrimination into its constitution, and Kansas will now give priority to (un)intelligent design over evolution. Funniest observation on that debacle was from John on AmericaBlog:

But look on the bright side. We no longer have to worry about those pesky Kansas kids competing with our kids to get into Harvard.

Funny, the more they deny descending from monkeys, the more they start acting like them.

Anyway, the lines are being drawn between ignorance and dark ages, and enlightenment and informed citizenry.

The challenge for the Dems is not to become complacent in these victories - this bodes well for 2006, but it only BODES well - DEMS! Listen! There is a lot of time and a lot can change in a year - you have to maintain the momentum - not rest on your laurels of yesterday.

Reality-based community! Listen! Get out the vote! Go door to door and help, working alongside those in power this ENTIRE year. Bring balance back to the government system through congress - this year is your only hope!

Ms. Julien