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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Have A Small Request

If you are reading this, and we both know you are ;),please post the following link on your own blog.

The link is to the post just below this one that talks about T.O.H.R. (Tulsa Oklahoman's for Human Rights) 25th year anniversary and celebration of acquiring a property for a permanent GLBT center in Tulsa,Oklahoma.

If enough of you link to it, Julien's List and the T.O.H.R. post will be more visible. I'd love for people around the USA (and the world) to know what kind of work is (and has been) done in this area.

I'd also love for people to have the opportuntity to look through the T.O.H.R. website and learn more about it. Maybe there are some who will even want to contribute to the Pyramid Project (the ongoing fund-raising project to pay for the new GLBT property).

Thanks! :)

That link again:

[Update: I just thought of this! Please add a comment to say you've put the link in a post on your blog. And, put the link to your blog in the comments, so people can visit your page, too! Thanks!]