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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The latest assault on equal civil marriage in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Family Institute's Vote on Marriage project announced today that it has, with the help of the state's Republican Party and its hatemongering governor, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, garnered double the number of signatures (they claim 120K of a required 65,825 registered voters) needed to put a referendum to steal civil marriage equality from the people of that state via constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2008 -- despite that the majority of the state's citizens, having had the chance to see that the sky didn't fall now that thousands of loving same-sex couples have civilly married there, would prefer that Kris Mineau and his hate squads would find something that actually helped instead of hurt Massachusetts families to work on instead.

The saving grace is that the measure has to make it through the state's legislature in two consecutive sessions before it goes to the ballot.

This isn't just Massachusetts' battle. We can't afford to lose the one state we have, thus it belongs to all of us. The coalition fighting the amendment, The Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts has stuff for sale. Better yet, just join them or give them money straight up. I personally attest to the fact that they are good stewards of our donated funds.

UPDATE - FTMC Thanksgiving Message (apply it to your life and your state, too!):
There is much to be thankful for this year as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and friends. Over 6,500 gay and lesbian couples are legally married. The Goodrige decision legalizing equal access to civil marriage for same-sex couples just celebrated its second anniversary. The legislature overwhelmingly defeated a constitutional amendment in September that would have eliminated equal marriage. All of these are reasons to celebrate but also offer us--whether we are straight or gay--the opportunity to discuss with our families and friends the challenges that lie ahead in protecting marriage equality in Massachusetts.

In between overindulging on turkey and pie, hitting the after Thanksgiving sales, and watching football, please talk to your family and friends about marriage equality. Only by expanding support for equal civil marriage can we ensure that Massachusetts will remain the shining example of equality that it is for the rest of the country. The gay and lesbian community cannot succeed in this endeavor without the support of family and friends.

Talking Points for the Thanksgiving Holiday:

1. Marriage Equality is not secure – Our opponents have just finished collecting signatures for a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, thus eliminating marriage equality. If they are successful this amendment could be on the ballot in 2008, but first it must be approved by the legislature. Please ask your friends and family to contact their legislators to ask them not to support any amendment that would make gays and lesbians unequal. They can do this right from our website And please take a moment to contact your legislators yourself.

2. It’s particularly important to talk about marriage equality with older voters. The holiday can provide an excellent opportunity to talk to older relatives and friends. Let them know in personal terms why you support marriage equality. And if you are going out of state please consider letting folks know how things are going in Massachusetts.

Click here for news about marriage equality

3. Tell your Story – Tell your story of why marriage equality is important to you. Our success so far is largely due to individuals both gay and straight who have told their stories to others and their legislators. Talk about it over the Thanksgiving holiday and take a moment for yourself and your family and friends to contact your legislature.

Please take the time this holiday weekend to discuss this very important issue. Only with your help can we build a coalition that can preserve Marriage Equality for gays and lesbians across the Commonwealth.

Happy Thanksgiving