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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Letters to the Cincinnati Enquirer

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Letters to the editor

Schmidt just mouths attacks of leaders

Why are we so outraged at the inappropriate remarks of Rep. Jean Schmidt? She is just mouthing the same sorts of attacks that the Bush administration and many of their supporters have been leveling at anyone who would dare to disagree with them. It is far braver to speak out against decisions that are harming our country than to just follow blindly.

Betty Bryant
Villa Hills

Schmidt spoke truth, owes no apology

I do not understand the outrage at the message Jean Schmidt delivered the other night; she was just relaying a message from a Marine that they do not cut and run. I say kudos to Schmidt for delivering the message. The backlash she is receiving is ridiculous, and I don't think she should have to apologize.

The people asking for the immediate withdrawal from Iraq should ask the Marines and soldiers in the field how they feel, and I am sure they would tell Congress: "Let us do and finish the job, and stop all the rhetoric about immediate withdrawal and pre-war intelligence."

Susan Shepherd
Colerain Township

Schmidt should listen more, speak less

With just a few words, Rep. Jean Schmidt has managed to embarrass herself, her district, and the entire Greater Cincinnati area by calling her colleague, a highly decorated war veteran, a coward on the floor of the House. Perhaps the gentle lady could better represent her district with more listening than more speaking.

Rebecca Montag