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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Namby Pamby Answers: how to respond?

UPDATE from Ms. Julien: Shakespeare's Sister has a complementary post and comments on this subject.

Of all things, today, I got copied on an incredibly pathetic E-mail addressing the Iraq war from one of my Senators.

Specifically, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The commentary was spineless, waffling, and engaged in gross self-justification: it was the kind of ammunition the Republicans love to use to illustrate the "Spineless Democrat" mantra.

Of all things, today, I lost my temper and, in an E-mail, told my Senator off.

I probably should not have done that, as I am now sure I probably broke some laws and ended up on the Patriot Act radar screen . . . and while I must confess the telling-off process felt amazingly good, it was also pathetic and childish.

So here is a copy of the apology letter I sent this afternoon: much better, don't you think?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
In Care Of: Rochester Regional Office
Kenneth B. Keating Federal Office Building
100 State Street
Room 3280
Rochester, NY 14614

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Senator Clinton:

Earlier today, I was copied on an E-mail by a constituent that had, in turn, already received comment via your office (the responder was “Ann” and the E-mail is Both the original E-mail and subsequent response addressed the Iraq war. The constituent who wrote was concerned about your stance on Iraq (and a variety of issues directly related) and the response was so profoundly vague, muddled, and non-committal, I can’t quite determine where you stand.

I responded to that person’s E-mail and copied your office at the same address as above – and I regret that, at that moment, I thoroughly lost my temper and responded rather vulgarly. I must apologize for my crass words: I behaved rather badly and I apologize. But I also need to express my concern rationally as this is a concern I hear expressed by many New York Democrats.

Senator, I saw your press conference after you returned from Iraq: you were, very clearly, cheerleading for both the war and for Bush policy. As I watched that interview, I grew disgusted. “Bipartisanship” is one thing. Doing the opposition’s dirty work is yet another, entirely.

Let me be painfully frank with you: I am a Democrat who lies in the Democratic Branch of the Democratic Party. I am profoundly liberal and profoundly pragmatic at the same time. In a sentence, I support full-on gay marriage and a graduated tax structure, but would never wear Birkenstocks or eschew eating meat in some misguided attempt at fostering a chicken’s “feelings.” Furthermore, I am a New York citizen by choice. I moved here from Ohio because, quite simply, I was utterly sick of and disgusted with the constant Conservative, Republican, Christian stupidity that runs Ohio. I am, in fact, a Red State Refugee who sought a better place to live and a better life in Blue New York.

I do not regret my decision to make New York my home: it was, indeed, the right decision to make.

Senator, in the coming election I will most assuredly vote for you – and I will do so because you are the Democratic candidate.

But thanks to both your “moderation” and the Democratic Party as a whole taking less-than-granite-bound positions and subsequently defending those positions like frightened school children? If that self-same chicken I like to eat could prove it could and would peck a Republican’s eyes out?

I would put down my fork and seasoning and vote for the chicken in place of you.

Senator, you now live in New York – which, if I may remind you, is the home of progressive thought on the East Coast: please plan both your positions and subsequent battles accordingly. As I left the Midwest for a more enlightened place, allow me to remind you that you did, too. You may have noticed attitudes are different here: embrace the difference, please.

I would also like to point out there are already rumblings about a challenge within the party. These rumblings concern me because it’s painfully clear the party is weak. That said, if a strong Democratic candidate to oppose you emerged? Thanks to your straddling the fence, I would contribute to that challenger's campaign.

The people of New York have put their trust in you – and I happen to be one of those people: please do not let us down. There is, indeed, a time to shake hands. There is also, however, a time to use fists. Clearly, the Republicans understand that difference. Don’t you think it’s time the Democrats did, too?

Mobeen Shirazi

I close with one sole word.