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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Pope is an Ignorant Fu*cker


Many people might be offended by my candor at exposing the idiocy and hypocrisy of this administration and the minions who support it. But this is a GLARING fact, folks: Children taught (un)intelligent design will NOT pass the No Child Left Behind tests pervading the public schools of the country. Because by fighting for this to be taught, they didn't think about the mandatory testing, and the standards tested in those exams, which is a completely separate issue. Once again, the ignorant masses listening to their pastor or their pope have shot themselves - and the education of their children - in the foot, yet again. Of course, the Rovians are laughing their asses off watching all of this - more ignorant people means less resistance to their drilling in Alaska, the huge profits of corporations, and the ever increasing gap between the average worker and the CEO of a corporation.

So, some people are offended by my attacks? At least SOMEONE has to speak up.
More people should. Being nice and only saying what is "appropriate" -- a typical Dem strategy -- has ignored the elephant in the living room...the slow but strong movement back into the middle ages.

If enough people don't get mad, they will find all their rights coming from a christian bible -- and none other.

If people don't get mad, soon a young girl getting raped and impregnated will have to bear the child or risk jail herself - she will be the criminal, not the rapist.

If enough people don't get mad, the christian/biblical thinking that man has dominion over the earth will lead to no trees left, severe global warming so bad that no one will be able to survive.

What are we supposed to do, folks? Just bend over and take it?

Not I, my friends, not I. Not on this blog.


This sh*t won't get your kids passing points in the ISTEP or the FCAT, or the TCAT, folks. So Dumbya wants you all to believe in (un)intelligent design, but if you believe in (un)intelligent design, you will actually fail the No Child Left Behind tests, and not go to college. So Kansans, go ahead and teach this sh*t. And Popey, dear, go right ahead and teach your neanderthalian ways:

Pope weighs in on creation controversy

Intelligent-design advocates hail Benedict’s criticism of ‘scientific’ atheism

Pope Benedict XVI has waded into the evolution debate in the United States, saying the universe was made by an “intelligent project” and criticizing those who in the name of science say its creation was without direction or order.

Can't this antiquated idiot please die, already? If Pat Robertson allies with el-popie, isn't that enough of an indication that said papist is off the deep end with our buddy Pat? Hasn't popie-boy lived his Nazi ways on our planet long enough?