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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tom Daschle: professional DINO asshat returns

To begin, let me define DINO: DINO is the mirror-image of RINO; RINO being a derogatory term Republicans use for their own inner-circle traitors who are Republican In Name Only. Or, in other words, Republicans who are just too damn "moderate" to be Republican today.

A DINO is, therefore, a Democratic In Name Only. Or, in terms we real-n-true liberals embrace, a DINO is one of our own who sold us out in order to further a political career. DINOs often vote with RINOs, often mau-mau conciliatory tones to Republicans, and talk a hell of a lot about "bipartisanship" without ever bothering to show us True-Blue Liberal Folk what the hell they do for us and how they hell they brought home the bacon (if they brought any at all) . . . but DINOs do have the nerve to ask us for their support and vote when election day comes.

There are many DINOs on the national scene today. Some DINOs include people currently in power such as former Presidential Candidate and current Senator John Kerry (who refused to fight Republican attack ads citing "dignity," who "voted for the war before he voted against it"), Hillary Rodham Clinton (aka "Billary Clitten" in the Free Republic Circles; who visited Iraq and gushed to the press about the great job Bush is doing), and Joe Liberman (who pretends the soothing Elder Statesman but has yet to deliver on anything the backbone of the Democratic Party wants . . . period).

There are other DINOs that fate, time, and stupidity have swept into the dustbin of history.

Once such DINO is a man named Tom Daschle. Remember him?

Sure, Daschle was once a real Democrat. But under the lash of (1) Clinton policy, (2) the Democratic Leadership Council's guidance to "Step Right" on every issue, and (3) Daschle's own self-serving, poll-following, fear-of-offending-and-even-more-fear-of-losing policy, Daschle proved to be the biggest coward of all. Spineless, simpering, meek, bumbling . . . Daschle stumbled and stuttered his way right, quite literally per DLC instructions, into a caricature of a man and a Senator: as a member of the far left, I often found myself wondering if Daschle would bolt in fear from his own shadow before his re-election bid ended.

I was absolutely convinced Daschle would lose his re-election bid: those who knew me during Daschle's last campaign can verify I predicted he would go down the shitter faster than a putrid case of Montezuma's Revenge.

Evidently, I was not the only one with such ideas: the voters rewarded him for his inability to lead, inspire, or decide. Do remember, Daschle lost – and did so miserably.

Let us not forget that Daschle's crowning moments in his last campaign created these images - taken from Daschle's own television commercials. The images of a true DINO-in-action; the images of a man so bankrupt of vision, courage, ideas, direction, and self that he had to promote his campaign with images of George W. Bush; the self-same president and opposing party leader who has galvanized the left in what appears to be a twisted blend of rage and paralysis.

You would think someone such as Daschle, who judged so badly and lost so soundly, would have the decency to step down and keep silent: politics, like industry, medicine, or technology should not, in an ideal world, reward gross incompetence [in this case, incompetence defined as (1) embracing the enemy politically and quite-literally: see adjacent images; (2) failing to take a strong, courageous, vigorous stand on issues; and (3) failing to lead].

Sadly, politics does reward incompetence: say hello to the New Daschle, ready to flim-flam his supporters yet again in the hopes of getting their vote and their check to promote his own agenda and fuck-all-for-the-rest-of-us, the people who vote and donate.

What will it take to rid us of these DINO failures once and for all?

What will it take to get some real Democratic leadership for a change?

Is it me - or does anyone else here notice how, as the days pass, our Democratic leaders keep failing and failing and failing again? And, more bothersome, how any third-party leftists fail to take a pragmatic, tactical view and subsequent pragmatic, tactical action to foster sensible, achievable, liberal change?

The Republicans are winning via offering strong leadership (albeit based on lies), a defined vision (albeit based on smoke-and-mirrors), a defined path to achieve that vision (albeit a path impossible to achieve) and, finally-and-importantly RED MEAT TO THEIR BASE.

When will the damn Tom Daschles of the Left either grow up and be real leaders, courageously fist-fighting the Great Republican Smear Machine or shut up and let the next generation, who is ready to fight, successfully lead?