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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Way past widdle Georgie's bedtime...

...and he was pis*ed. From Huffpo:

The Crowning Indignity For Bush: Couldn't Get To Bed By 10 PM…

WASHINGTON -- President Bush was furious with the staff preparation for last week's inter-American summit in Argentina where his trade proposals ran into unexpected opposition.

The president was reported as particularly unhappy with the work by his National Security Council staff in getting ready for the meeting. That added to Bush's distress in Buenos Aires, dealing with violent street demonstrators and hostile fellow presidents led by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and including Argentina's Nestor Kirchner.

The crowning indignity for Bush was the Friday night state dinner starting at 10 p.m., an hour when the president normally is in bed. He left the dinner early, but it was midnight by then.

What an embarrassment to our country. Any fool knows that in South America the dinner hour is 10 pm. Couldn't the man have taken a power nap in the afternoon in order to be able to stay up? Or is it because he no longer drinks (at least in public) that he doesn't want to stay up late watching others who can have a sip of wine without falling into a bathtub dead drunk??