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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Courtesy of Bradblog - even the right wing is getting angry at the voter irregularities:
Democracy Breakin': Ohio's Electric Boogaloo
More on Ohio's Staggeringly Impossible '05 Results
The Corporate Media Continues to Not Care, But a Rightwing Blogger Finally Does...
A followup with additional details on our previous story pointing to the inexplicable results of last week's Ohio election where half the state added Electronic Voting machines for the first time. The result was a remarkable defeat of a 4 Initiative Election Reform package that polls in the days before the election showed was on its way to passage on several of the measures. The inexplicable results all looked something this:
ISSUE 3 (Revise campaign contribution limits)

PRE-POLLING: 61% Yes, 25% No, 14% Undecided

FINAL RESULT: 33% Yes, 66% No
Full Story & the Rightwinger Who Now Finally "Gets It":

Bi-Partisan Co-Sponsors of Election Reform Bill Cite GAO Report on E-Voting Security in Letter to House Colleagues
Letter from Holt, Davis Points to Failures in Voting Machines Around the Country
Bill Has More than 150 Co-Sponsors, But Has Not Been Allowed to Come to Floor by House Leadership

California Sec. of State Disbands Voting Panel, Leans Toward Reversal of Previous Stance Against Diebold!
Recertification Hearing on E-Voting Machines Changed at Last Minute, Participants Not Notified

JUST IN: Something very rotten suddenly seems to be occurring in the state of California! RAW STORY has the story, we explain it quickly...