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Thursday, December 08, 2005

'Bean completely blows a gasket

Earlier today, I discovered I had been linked to another site in relation to my post below.

Here is a comment I found.

for his complete comments, pls link to his townhall comments; mr prelutsky is a jew, not self-hating, and certainly not an anti-semite; bad form not to include the parts about his jewishness; thanks for the link, though; merry chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr; oh, i just can't say it;

bob terrill, ft collins, colo

What Bob did not know is I am already aware of Prelutsky's comrades, cohorts, and criminal companions - indeed, not only of him, but of his fellow LA resident Dan Weiner and others of that ilk.

You know - the conservative Jewish commentator Dan Weiner? Raised in New York State by Socialist parents? Hung out with the poet Jack Kerouac?

You know - Dan Weiner? Surely you know Dan Weiner?!?!

Oh shit - I keep forgetting he changed his name to michEAl* Savage. And michEAl* Savage, yet another bastard, rather portrays himself as Pro-Christian. In fact, I've listend to his show: he actually claims to be Christian.

No surprise: we Jews don't want him. And if you find Dan's story too hard to believe, Google it. Seriously - that story is out there and documented.

I did have a response to Bob, though, and I thought to share it here. The reason I did is because Julien thinks it's fun when I blow a gasket. And, well, I kinda blew a gasket.

I rather think it's fun when I blow a gasket, too.

So here is what I said to our Red State Friend who felt the need to defend Prelutsky.


Actually, as a rather active Jew for Judaism and one of the authors of one of the articles cited above, I feel profoundly confident our dear friend Prelutsky is, rather quietly, a Jew for Jesus - as evidenced by, among other things, the essays by a real Jewish blogger Dovbear (you have fingers - google it) as well as Prelutskys own Free RepubliKKK Essay, "Some of my Best Friends Use to be Jews."

Sorry babe-o-lah: better luck tarring us with the Messiah brush next time.

Oh - and for the record? Us liberals, fags, Kikes, lesbos, Hindus, whackos and bozos ain't interested in turning Christmas into a nothing for the rest of you folk.

We want you to have your holiday and tree and Christmas Ham. We want you to have the whole damn shebang: have at it, welcome to it, and be as happy as you can - even down to getting crocked on eggnog and playing footsie under the dinner table (and if that is too much Holiday Joy, spend the whole day at Mass instead): the long and short of it is we Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and Taoists and Athiests just plain don't care how you want to spend your Holiday - as long as you have yourself a great time.

We just don't want to be forced to pretend we participate, either. That whole First Amendment thing? Constitution? The line about Congress passing no law either favoring our outlawing religion?

Check out the language for yourself, should your memory be short - or should you suffer the delusion that document was written just for you:

Is the language clear enough for you? If so, can you see the Non-Christian point?

Or are you folks in Colorado simply too busy trying to cover up that little Church-State scandal ya got brewing at the Academy in Colorado Springs.

You remember what I mean, right? Or do I need to refresh your memory? Actually, let me bother to make the effort outright for you - so here:

Prelutsky is no Jew - no more so than the men chronicled in the book "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers" or, for that matter, those locals of your own who behaved badly - and did so in a way that allowed their behavior to be documented. Prelutsky is no more Jewish than either - save in name alone.

Bob, wanting to be treated as an equal in America is not asking too much - especially in a Democracy. Wanting to be treated as an equal in America and taking a productive role in one's community to boot (in my case, by embracing a medical career) and STILL being treated otherwise is intolerable: some like Prelutsky may not only bend over and take the insult, they cheer the offender on.

I have a bit more self-respect: I'm saying no. Right here, right now - to your face.

And, despite that . . . .

I sincerely hope you have a happy holiday - of whatever stripe you choose to have. Seriously: all my caustic New York personality aside, I seriously mean it. Given we know what holiday suits you, I hope you have an excellent celebration at your home: I know you will be as disinterested in sharing mine as I clearly am in sharing yours.

And thanks to the First Amendment, we both have that right: let's keep it that way, shall we?

'Bean, contributor - Julien's List

Not a bad job for gasket blowing, eh?

* Addendum and correction

Green Knight pointed out I meant Michael Savage. Given the brain-boner scale of my error, I thought to, once again, give tribute to Pam and her House Blend Troll of the same name who, on one occasion, used the rather interesting spelling above in self-reference.