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Monday, December 05, 2005

Billary Clitten steps further right - now smells like a cheap Reagan knockoff


Last night, something about Billary's capitulating was bothering me like crazy. Especially since she was capitulating to the right-side of the Republican Party.

This morning, over bleary-eyed coffee, I realized who the infamous Senator Bennett is.

Fortunately, so does Yahoo's Search Engine - so you can read about the disgusting, racist homophobe yourself.

Senator Billary Clitten: today, I don't have a diatribe for you.

Just a new nickname: traitor

The bummer part is, even The Donald can't fire her.


Many argue that stepping to the center will garner the centerists from both parties as well as the elusive "swing voter."

As many of you know, I think that particular tactic is outright stupid as it then opens the door to the "waffler" accusation as well as the "you don't stand for anything" accusation.

For better or worse, Bush pandered to his base both times: clearly, it worked. There is a lesson there.

But my Senator, Billary Clitten, just went one step beyond stepping center.

She just stepped far-right.

She's Co-Sponsoring a bit of Flag-Burning legislation with a Right-Wing Freak from UTAH. Never mind the hardcore Lefties AND Righties who happen to rather LIKE the First Amendment!

Bad Billary!


No campaign donation for you: you go to bed without supper!

Campaign donation to your challenger, instead, even if it means the Save American Jobs Party.

Clearly, ladies and gentlemen, the Senator from New York still thinks she lives in Arkansas.

I, for one, think she should go back there - Arkansas is clearly where she belongs.

F E H !