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Thursday, December 15, 2005

If only the Supreme Court had done the right thing in 2000.....

From Mario....
All the votes were counted and Al Gore is declared President.

President Gore holds daily anti terrorism meetings with D Clarke........9-11 never happens.

President Gore uses the budget surplus to rebuild Americas crumbling infrastructure.....creating millions of high paying jobs....adding even more money to the tax base.

Mr Gore uses the new tax revenues to put new computers in every classroom in the US....math scores zoom....America once again becomes the center of the technological world......the economy booms even more.
New energy technologies are invented...our reliance on middle east oil ends.

Defeated candidate George Bush gets his own reality show on Fox.... The show will be named.... Whats in it? Bush is given a mystery alcoholic drink and he has 2 hours to drive around Crawford and find the ingredients.

Rush Limbaugh is arrested on the corner of Military trail and Okkeechobee Blvd with a cigar box full of Oxy.

Dick Cheney drops dead from a heart attack in the Halliburton Board room after receiving oral favors from a male intern.

Using the plan put in place by Bill Clinton.....President Gore finances an internal revolt by the people of Iraq.....Saddam is outed as dictator.....he then testifies in a tribunal.
that Rumsfeld, Pearle, Wolfowitz, Baker, and Bush the elected supplied him with chemical weapons.

It is learned that Ann Coulter was nothing more than a prank.....she / he is really Andy Kauffman in drag.

Joe Lieberman commits suicide after it is learned that he was Strom thurmans illegitimate love child.

.....Wouldnt it be nice!