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Monday, December 19, 2005

More Billary Rod-Ham Clitten Pandering

This woman is relentless: instead of coping with the problems in her home state; problems that include massive layoffs from Good, Wholesome, American companies and the just-started Transportation Strike in Queens (NY Times), Billary Clitten is in blasted New Orleans touring the Katrina Damage (

She's so focused on trying to get that national spotlight that she's no longer doing her job.

She has a surprise coming: New York does not appreciate her behavior - and I'm about to help give her seat to someone else (but first, an exam calls).

(and, yes, I do realize the problem is outside her sphere of legislative influence - but the reality is her choice STILL makes her look like she's out of touch, asleep at the switch, or overtly incompetent)