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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Real Live Anti-Liberal Anti-Semitism: proof Goldberg should rectally auto-copulate

I - am - so - pissed.

My people (Liberals, Jews, Jewish Liberals) are under overt attack.

Those on the Jewish Democratic side arguing we should be playing ball with the Lieberman crowd for the better long-term were wrong. And so were those on the conservative side who said "conservatives are good for Israel."


The whole, horrible "Jews are Bad" Mel Gibson movie aside, the Right's truly ugly, racist, fascist, intolerant face has been out of the mainstream view for a while.

But not anymore.

O'Riley sort of cracked the lid that particular Pandora's box a few weeks back, as we all know - but now someone finally, officially, made the Anti-Semetic slur and then threw the rabid conservative monster in the box out into the open for all to see.

And what will happen?

Expect Lieberman to promote a resolution in support of Christmas. Will Clitten follow with proposed legislation that the resolution be enforced at gunpoint?

Speaking for myself, as I am indeed a very liberal, very observant Jew in a more traditional Jewish movement: Merry Christmas to my blogfolk - you are, after all, welcome to your Holiday in this country, as I am to mine.

But, if I may kindly ask, at least return the sentiment by not sending me a blasted Christmas card!

The issue at hand is NOT "A Christian Nation," as the bastard who authored the article above suggests.

The issue at hand is simple common decency: the same decency I offer the folks here (at least the ones I like!); the same decency I think I, the Liberal Kyke Faggot, have the right to ask in return.

Shalom, Babe-o-lahs!