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Saturday, December 03, 2005


"President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Bush,

For a very long time, we, star and stripe, have served this country, the United States of America, with pride and honor. We've been through a lot over the last few hundred years. Our loyalty and dedication has been tested many times. We take our role as Federal employees, as well as cultural and historical icons, very seriously. We have always been supportive of every administration, and never felt the need or desire to abandon our post. That is, until now.

There is a darkness spreading across our land, from sea to shining sea, that fills us with sadness. From our post, we've seen our troops being needlessly killed. We've seen innocent Iraqi civilians being killed. We've seen billions of dollars being spent on a war that can't be justified or won. Billions more that we can't afford being spent on disaster relief here and abroad. Massive federal deficits that future generations will have to pay for. Unqualified people appointed to critical government positions. A government unable to provide shelter and safety to its citizens in times of need. An administration out of touch with reality. No accountibility. No fiscal responsibility. No-bid contracts. Tax breaks for the rich while the poor starve to death. Corruption. Waste. Dishonesty. The wellbeing of the people trampled by that of lobbyists and corporations. Basic personal and social rights being taken away. We've seen concern for political victory and gain overshadow the truth, and the wellbeing of a true people's Democracy.

We've seen enough. Our small voices are too faint to be heard over all the words being spoken that have nothing to do with identifying and solving problems, and everything to do with ego and greed and maintaining political power. So, we figured that actions speak louder than words. With deep regret, we have decided to send you this resignation letter. In an act of freedom and personal expression, we have decided to leave the star-spangled banner.

We sincerely apologize if our action causes any problems, Mr. President. But we feel that a broken country deserves a broken flag. And until you use every power, every action, every influence, every word and every breath you have at your disposal to fix these problems, and lead, and insist those who act on your behalf lead, with honesty, accountability, tolerence, concern and an awareness of the real world and the real people in it, we feel ashamed and unable to remain part of a symbol that you wave proudly in support of your administration.

Sad and alone, we leave the star-spangled banner, our home. And we venture off into the world homeless, yet hopeful that we will find love and support from those who see our act as necessary and brave, and not traitorous. We are not traitors. Our love for the United States of America knows no bounds. And the day that we return to the flag will be the day when truth, liberty and justice for all has returned to our land.

star and stripe"


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