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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

UPDATED: Shots Fired Inside Plane at Miami Airport

Miami Herald:

Shots fired in plane at MIA; one injured

A federal air marshal fired shots on an American Airlines airplane at Miami International Airport, according to broadcast reports. One person has reportedly been injured. Passengers are reportedly still aboard the plane.

American Airlines flight 942 reportedly originated in Medellin, Colombia, and was scheduled to depart for Orlando at 2:18 p.m. Broadcast reports said the Transportation Security Administration says a federal marshal fired the shot at a person who was considered a threat to the safety of the flight.

Miami-Dade police and fire rescue are on the scene. More details will be available soon.
Video: LIVE Streaming CBS4 Continuous Coverage

Article from Miami's CBS Channel 4 WFOR:
Dec 7, 2005 2:29 pm US/Eastern

MIAMI (CBS4 News) An American Airlines plane bound from Medellin, Colombia to Orlando with a stopover in Miami has been rocked by gunfire, apparently when two federal air marshals aboard the flight opened fire on someone a 'high ranking official with the joint terrorism task force' claims was someone they considered a threat to the aircraft. CBS4's Brian Andrews spoke with the representative, who confirmed the shooting, as did a spokesperson for Miami International Airport. There has been no confirmation that anyone was hit by the gunfire, which was on the ground at Miami International Airport when the shots were fired. The flight was AA flight 942 from Medillin, Colombia. It was at gate D-42 when the shots were reported. Miami police and fire rescue crews are on the scene. Keep watching CBS 4 News and CBS4.COM for more developments.

More from CBS4:
CBS4 Investigative Reporter Mike Kirsch says a source close to the investigation says he has been told one person on the aircraft is dead. This has not yet been officially confirmed...One source is now reporting that the shooting may have taken place aboard the jetway connecting the aircraft to the gate.

Not sure where Joe at AMERICAblog got this:

UPDATE: Passenger said he had a bomb in his luggage, passenger exited the flight, he was ordered to stop and get on the ground, he appeared to reach for a weapon, they shot him. That's the line from Homeland Security.

More from 4:
A source tells CBS4's Jennifer Santiago reports a source tells her that this incident was not terrorism related, that a passenger aboard the plane announced that he had a bomb. Brian Andrews reports his sources say the incident happened very close to the front door of the Boeing 757, and got into a confrontation with two air marshals traveling aboard the plane. Shots were fired over concern for the safety aboard the plane, Brian's sources say.


MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Federal air marshals shot and killed a man on a boarding bridge at Miami International Airport after he said he had a bomb, two sources familiar with the incident told CNN...Upon investigation, there was no evidence that the man had a bomb, an official said.

CNN: The man was a "44-year-old U.S. citizen"

CBS: "a white male"

Mary Gardner, a passenger on the plane, told WTVJ the man started “running crazily through the aisle” after the plane landed in Miami. Gardner said a woman seated with the man ran after him, yelling that her husband was bipolar and had not taken his medication. Gardner described the woman as “hysterical.”
CNN: The dead man has been identified as "Rigoberto Alpizar."

Alpizar was traveling with a woman and had arrived in Miami on a plane from Ecuador, federal officials said. He and the woman began arguing before getting off the plane in Miami, two officials said...After he got off the plane in Miami and went through customs, he got on the Orlando-bound plane and said he had a bomb, Air Marshal Service spokesman Dave Adams said. Air marshals asked him to get off the plane, which he did, but when they asked him to put his bag down, he refused, Adams said. Alpizar then approached the marshals in an aggressive manner, at which point two or three shots were fired, he said.